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Greening Services
Seven-Star accepts EPA WasteWise Award

Joseph B. Malki, one of the co-founders of Seven-Star, Inc. led the way to become a E.P.A Waste Wise Sponsor and helped the firm win the Gold Waste Wise Award.

Seven-Star’s operations provide turn-key solutions for the greening of large-scale events and commercial facilities in general. Our mission is to transform the event, entertainment and hospitality industries into models of environmental responsibility.

Seven-Star takes a comprehensive approach to transforming an event, one step at a time. We begin by reviewing an event’s ecological footprint, taking energy use, waste stream and the quality of products into account. We then develop and implement an operational and product usage plan, outlining steps to green the event on a specified timeline. We identify opportunities for material re-use, carbon emissions neutralizing and product conversion to eco-friendly alternatives. Seven-Star works with our clients to develop a public awareness campaign that showcases their business as an eR/sR leader in sustainability. We also work with management and staff to formulate an education and awareness campaign centered on training and team-building. GreeningPhotoWeb1

As an official U.S. E.P.A. Waste Wise sponsor, our track record has set the standard for large-scale events. Seven-Star averages a 93% waste diversion for the 120,000 (combined) attendee Green Festival events held in Chicago, San Francisco and Washington, DC.

Seven-Star seeks to find win-win-win solutions between business, community and the environment. Seven-Star is working with cities like San Francisco, Chicago, Washington, DC, Austin, Atlanta, and Madrid to promote local green event standards. Clients have realized that adopting an eco ethic can lead to significant benefits, whether or not the event attracts a demographic of consumers with deeply held environmental beliefs. Long-term savings are achieved by cutting down on material costs. Loyalty increases among sponsors, attendees and exhibitors as an eco-friendly, socially responsible image is cultivated. New revenue streams are uncovered and sponsorship opportunities increase as business standing in the industry is fortified. And going green can open up greater possibilities for media coverage, raising awareness for an event.

GreeningPhotoWeb3 The continued wave of green business innovation and investment opportunity is transforming the way we do business. Consumer and business demand for environmentally sustainable and socially responsible products and services will continue to climb steadily. More companies are shifting from the “take, make and throw away” model to green business practices that vest profit with environmental wisdom. At Seven-Star, our shared goal with our clients is to contribute sustainable solutions that improve the experience, health and well-being of all participants, as well as the earth.

Greening Services:

Alternative Energy Sourcing Carbon Offsetting Waste Diversion
On-site Generation

  • Solar
  • Wind
  • Bio-diesel Generators
  • Hybrid Alt. Energy Array
  • Alternative Fuel Planning
Carbon Offsets based on ISO Certified Restoration Projects

  • Electrical
  • Paper & Office
  • Travel
  • Freight

REC (Renewable Energy Credits)

On-site Management & Execution

  • Recycling (local NGO)
  • Composting (local farms)
  • Trash (gas capture fields)
  • Food Bank Donations
Product Replacement Infrastructure Management & Volunteers
Food & Beverage

  • Biodegradable Kitchenware
  • Biodegradable Trash Bags
  • Organic Food & Beverage


  • Organic Fair-Trade Soaps
  • Recycled Personal Hygiene Papers
  • Low-flow faucets


  • Recycled Paper
  • LED/CFL Replacement

Pumps and Motor Replacement

Carpeting (cradle to cradle)

Tenting (Low-VOC or natural)

A-Z Planning

Venue and Government Compliance

Local Management

National and International Volunteer Recruitment


EPA Facts on Greenhouse Gas Emissions