Read about Seven-Star’s
President, Georgia Malki,
author of Chapter 5 entitled
“Green Events”

Nonprofit Guide To Going Green

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Name Position Phone
Georgia Malki CEO / President 828.333.9420
Alan van de Kamp Vice President / Chief Sales Officer 828.333.9411
Joseph B. Malki Chief Business Development Officer / Chief Technology Officer 828.216.5769
Mellissa Crouch Sales Manager 828.333.9417
Doreen DiCarlo Conference Planner 828.333.9412
Glenn Geffcken Vice President, Sales Director 828.333.9430
Jensen Gelfond Information Technology 828.333.9414
Claire Hester Operations Director, Green Festivals 828.333.9424
Kristi Koehler National Volunteer Manager 828.333.9415
Cindy Warlick Senior Sales Executive 828.333.9413
Kathy Edwards Sales Executive 828.333.9423
Joanna Postlethwaite Social Media and Marketing Coordinator 828.333.9419
Dayna Reggero National Marketing and PR Director 828.333.9428
Mark Bettis Creative Director 828-333-9425
Allison Stapleton Director of Sponsorships 828.333.9431
Ashley Sickles Public Relations Coordinator 828.333.9438
Laura Blackley Sales Executive 828.333.9432
Conor O’Neill Sales Executive 828.333.9418
Karen Ferrel Sales Executive 828.333.9436
Hans Wohlgefahrt National Programming Director 828.333.9437
Suzanne Hageman Sponsor Relations Director 828.333.9433